Modern interior photography

August 30, 2015

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Modus Hotels contacted Tracey to take interior photography and lifestyle photos of their newest hotel.  They purchased a hotel in Baltimore that desperately needed renovation and updates.   The interior before the renovation was a flashback to the 90’s.  Overall, the hotel was in desperate need of updating.  Tracey was called in to capture modern interior photography and lifestyle images of the hotel.  The new look of the hotel was very modern and urban, geared towards people looking for a fun, authentic city experience.   Modus hotels are known as lifestyle hotels, so it was important to convey the hotel’s atmosphere to prospective guests.  She scouted the location, and found talent for the shoot.  Here are the images from the newly branded Brookshire Suites downtown.


This was a great shoot, as the client was fantastic to work with.  The general manager was really on top of getting everything prepped, and the whole team worked over two days to create great interior photography for this client.