Recent editorial work for the National Aquarium

Here’s a editorial shoot I did for the National Aquarium for Throwback Thursday.  The feature was of a volunteer and donor who has been working at the aquarium for over 20 years.  The shoot was scheduled on a Saturday in the summer when Richard would be volunteering.  Seriously, what could go wrong if we try to do a photo shoot at an attraction on a Saturday during vacation season while open?  It was crowded to say the least, but we worked around it and got some pretty nice shots of Richard for the article.


The photo that ended up working the best was in the rainforest exhibit.  We found a location near where Richard usually volunteers, by the reptiles he knows all about.  The location wasn’t on the main path, so it was pretty empty.  However, there were people on either side we had to watch out for in the background, along with the small audience we had during the shoot.  Richard was a really good sport, and the editorial piece, which you can see by clicking here, looked really good.