Giving a product shoot a lifestyle photography feel

How do you give product photography a lifestyle photography feel?  That was my task when working with Tapologie on their draft pulls and other hospitality and restaurant furniture and accessories.

The client and I discussed locations, and we went to Banditos in Federal Hill for part of the shoot, and worked in their small showroom for the balance of the work.  Yes, I was in a bar before 10 am, and didn’t even have to feel bad about that fact!  I thought that part of the shoot looked amazing, and I sincerely hope that I get to do another shoot like this (even in a bar) very soon.  We photographed both just the products, the products in a setting, and the product being used by a model.  It was a simple setup, but the results definitely conveyed the lifestyle photography look we were going for.

The other product shots were a little more challenging, as we had a smallish space to work with, but wanted to still convey the beauty of the glass and metal in the products, but make each one unique and stand on its own.  I approached the pieces more like photographing sculpture than furniture, and I feel the results convey the beauty of the work.


Please check out the images in the gallery.  Contact me if you would like to take your basic product shots to the next level with a lifestyle photography type shoot.