Ring in the New Year with a new headshot!

Ring in the New Year with a new headshot!  This resolution doesn’t require anything but a quick email to set up your appointment.  Come to the studio, or I can come to your location.  I will make you look your best!


Headshots are a great way to stay current and help tell your story.  It’s a quick way to form a connection to others.  A good headshot showcases who you are as a professional and features you in a positive light and helps you stand out from the crowd.  It also helps people form their first impression of you.  I strongly believe that being able to see the person you are going to interact with helps people decide to contact you, compared to someone without a headshot.


Tips for a great headshot:


Wear your favorite outfit, or your favorite colors.  If you feel confident, you will look good.

Don’t make major style changes the day before the shoot.  That new haircut might not be as good as you imagined.  If you want to change styles, give yourself a week to get used to styling it.

Bring a backup outfit, even if you only plan on one look, just in case you aren’t happy with your first choice in-camera

Bring your makeup and brushes with you for touch-ups.  I can also arrange for a makeup artist if you are interested.

And most importantly, don’t be too hard on yourself!  People are definitely their own worst critics.  People won’t analyze your photo like you will.


Check out this Lifehacker post on how to take better portraits.