Location portraits, where the world is your studio

Here’s a location portrait I did for a cover shoot.  I did for a local hospital that I’m really happy with for this Throwback Thursday.  I got called by this hospital after having done a shoot there for Maryland Physician Magazine (now Chesapeake Physician Magazine).  The marketing person liked my work and wanted me to shoot the cover of their Fall 2014 magazine.  The woman I photographed was really warm and funny, and a real pleasure to photograph.  The location was great and had amazing light, which always makes my job easier and inspires me.  The window light coming through the floor to ceiling windows was beautiful and soft, creating a painterly feel for the images.


Unless you are under 20, people are usually a bit apprehensive about having their photo taken.  Doing a location portrait makes that all the more stressful, since you are not being photographed in private, but out in a semi-public area.  I instantly liked the subject of the shoot and worked to make her comfortable and relaxed.  I think her sunny personality really comes through in these photos.  We found an attractive area that was more private and basically created a pop-up studio to photograph for this story.


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