Photographing a new lifestyle

I’ve been following a group of runners training for a 5K over a period of 6 months for a lifestyle series.  This particular group met for the first time to train on a cold Saturday morning in early January.  Their course included a killer of a hill that would stop many ordinary people in their tracks.  The previous patients huddled together, trying to stay warm.  They warmed up with a coach who was also a previous bariatric patient, sporting a Superman® logo.  Their other coach is a man with boundless enthusiasm.  He was coming back to work every Saturday morning to train this group of GBMC bariatic patients in their COMP to 5K race.


I checked in with them during the course of their training to document their progress.  Running was part of a new lifestyle for them.  The GBMC Father’s Day 5k where they were running as the COMP to 5K team was their goal.


Race day was full of emotion for everyone because most of these folks had never run one before.  Runners came supported by their families.  Doctors ran alongside patients.  Children ran with mothers.  Spouses ran together.  I saw children wildly celebrate their mom’s accomplishment, runners pulling other runners up that hill, and coaches run with runners for encouragement.  Everyone got hugs and high fives at the end.  The lifestyle photos just fill me with emotion every time I look at them.  I know what went into this race.  These patients weren’t the runners checking their times and pulses at the end.  These were the people whose commitment to a new lifestyle paid off.  Some people were in wonder at the end, almost unable to believe they actually did it!


Because of the doctors and hospital’s total commitment to their patients, they were able to achieve a milestone they never thought possible.  They are still training together for more races.  If you are interested in their program, they can be found here.