Ditch the blue background for your headshots

Blue is boring!  We aren’t in middle school any more, why have your headshots taken on a blue background?  Actually, done right, blue can look great as a background for headshots, but most of the time, people just go with blue because it’s what people think of when they think of professional portraits.  (Thanks Lifetouch!)  We are grown people now, with interesting careers in office spaces in great locations, where someone paid to make them look interesting or cool.  Why not feature your space while photographing your staff’s headshots?


This is where I come in.  I love photographing spaces. I also love photographing people.  And I love when I can marry these two likes into one project where I can take regular headshots and make it tell more about you than any blue background will ever do.  If you look at these images, the focus is clearly on the person, with the space becoming a background, hinting at your cool light-filled office, or exposed brick co-working space.  I can bring a makeup artist to help polish everyone’s look.  It isn’t necessary, but it really helps finesse one’s look, and also is an ego boost prior to your shoot.  I can also provide retouching to make everyone’s headshots look like they are refreshed and great.


Everyone needs good headshots.  It’s what gives people their first impression of you in a digital age.  Good headshots can make the difference between getting a customer, client, or vote, or getting a pass.  So if you’re in the market for headshots for your firm, company, or campaign, please drop me a line.


If you currently have a blue background for your headshots, ask yourself, is that blue background reinforcing your brand, or simply a default?