New editorial photography for Take Part Media

My first editorial photography shoot with Take Part Media is sadly one of their last.  Take Part Media is a digital news and lifestyle magazine produced by Participant Media. I’m so sad to see quality media outlets closing, as I am not sure what will replace them.  Where will one turn to for quality news and information in this age of fast facts and false news?


I had the pleasure of photographing Baltimore City Public Dr. Leana Wen for this feature.  The other photographs were provided by others for this article.   I’ve photographed Dr. Wen a couple of times and she is a dynamic and inspiring public health advocate who thinks outside the box.   This particular shoot was very tricky, as the space at “The Mansion” at the Great Blacks in Wax Museum was both small and had dark walls and dim lighting, and there was a documentary film crew following Dr. Wen for a separate project they were working on.  I think at one point, I was sitting on the floor shooting underneath a videographer, and at another point the boom operator had a 10 foot boom coming over my shoulder!


Here’s an outtake from that shoot, as well as a link to the story.  Enjoy!