New editorial photography for Style Magazine

I recently did some editorial photography for Baltimore Style Magazine, and really love the results.  Style contacted me, as I’ve done a lot of medical photography in Baltimore, as well as numerous environmental portraits, and asked if I could photograph Dr. Andrew Lee for their upcoming issue.  This doctor is a real rock star of the medical world.  His specialty is transplants.  Not just any transplants, but transplanting limbs to people who had limbs amputated for various reasons.  He scouts out limbs that closely match the patient, and spends almost a full day in surgery with a team of about 30 people working to connect the limb so it works like any other limb would.  His new project is face transplants for people who had accidents and are severely disfigured.  And he’s a very nice, interesting guy to boot!


We originally wanted to shoot in a large OR, since Dr. Lee is known for his huge procedures with a huge cast of doctors, nurses, and techs.  This wasn’t going to happen, as all of the OR’s were booked.  We scouted around and finally found this great location with beautiful light.  I really felt that this helped tell the story of how this man is a visionary and on the cutting edge of medicine.  So much of editorial photography is rolling with the punches and making things work.


Here’s the link to the article.