Editorial photographer for an industrial client

I get calls from several trade magazines when they need an editorial photographer in the Baltimore area.  Even though I’ve done work as an editorial photographer for interior design and medical photography clients, I love getting more industrial type shoots.  Here is a somewhat recent shoot I did for Rachet and Wrench magazine.   I love photographing people working with their hands and doing real, physical work.  It’s also very different from many people’s everyday experiences.  It’s interesting to take a look behind the curtain of how things are made, items repaired, or food produced.


I got to check under the hood (and even the car!) on this shoot.  This particular job was at a local auto repair shop in Columbia called AutoStream Car Care.  It was obvious to me when I arrived that these guys knew their craft and really enjoyed working on cars.  The cars would come into their light filled garage, be put quickly onto lifts, and worked on with precision and care.  I also loved the leading lines of the lifts and other equipment the mechanics used.  The mechanics were completely focused on their task, and I loved the level of intensity in their eyes as I photographed them at work.


On this particular shoot, I decided it was important to keep the look of the images as authentic as possible.  I took a “day-in-the-life” approach to this shoot.  I noticed that the color red was very prominent in this shop, and used the red and blue of their uniforms to tie the images together into a collection.  I especially like how the scissor lift frames the one mechanic in the shot I used as the cover for this blog post.  We used very minimal lighting to keep the images true.  I hope you like the results!