Fighting breast cancer with photography

I did photography on this great project for my client Greater Baltimore Medical Center.  This is a little late for Breast Cancer Awareness month, but I still wanted to talk about it. To honor those who are fighting breast cancer, GBMC decided to participate in the Pink Glove dance contest, with the hashtag #GBMCOvercomer.  They wanted me to catch behind the scenes photography of the filming, which will be another post, but they also wanted to do photography of people of those touched by breast cancer.  We decided to keep the look very minimal, just the subject on a simple pink background, holding a message of why they were participating and how breast cancer has affected them.  The shoots were just great- an outflow of love, caring, and compassion.  Everyone had their own reason for participating.  I was honored to meet all of them and tell a snippet of their story.  You can see all of their dedications here.


It was an amazing shoot.  Not only did I really like the photography (I may be a bit biased!), but I even got involved in one of the dedications, since I’ve known friends who are currently fighting breast cancer.  Going into it, I had no idea that people would respond so positively to the project.  We had individuals, couples, groups, families, and so many others take time out of their day to participate, which is a big deal for medical workers have 12-13 hour shifts.  People took time off from working 12 hour shifts to come in and participate.


I will be posting a follow up to this post with behind the scenes photography of the video shoot, so stay tuned!  I would love to do another project like this, so if you have a project like this, or along the same lines, I would love to hear about it!