Behind the scenes of an interior photography shoot

I had an exciting and challenging interior photography shoot for MGM National Harbor that I never put on the blog.  It was a pre-opening shoot, so the challenge was getting things scheduled as they were being completed, sometimes just hours before the shoot.  If you haven’t been to MGM’s new National Harbor location, it’s worth a trip.  It is the most monumental casino in the Baltmore-Washington area.  It’s smaller than a Vegas casino, but it is the closest to a Vegas casino we have in this area.  The hotel and restaurants are gorgeous!  It has a smaller atrium that reminds me a bit of the Bellagio.   We photographed the hotel, restaurants, and the casino property.


Interior photography shoots to me seem like part craft project, part timing, and lots of work.  Its figuring out how to get the carpet smoothed out just so (a push broom works really well), how to keep the additional lighting off the ceiling (gobos and scrims, oh my) and how to keep the door open without a door stop (plastic forks work well on carpet!).  A lot of it is timing, which means getting up before the sun or finishing well after sundown.


Here are some behind the scenes shots of the team in action.  You can check out some of my final images here, here and here.