Annual report photography- fire fighters, ER’s, and lifts, oh my!

On this Throwback Thursday, I’m reaching back into the vaults from last year, where I did the annual report photography for Saint Agnes healthcare in Baltimore.  Click here to see the report.  I always enjoy shoots, but this one was particularly fun.  My task:  create compelling, dynamic images of fire fighters, ER docs, and doctors in a construction site.


The fire fighters were amazing.  We photographed the Baltimore City Fire Department’s Engine 30 in West Baltimore.  I really wanted to slide down the pole, but professionalism prevailed (shucks!).   The fire fighters were really into the shoot, and were even washing up the engines when we arrived.  The new kitchen that Saint Agnes had donated hadn’t been installed yet, so we caught a day in the life in their old kitchen.  We also caught these guys in front of the fire engines in July, in the upper 90’s, in full gear.  These guys were troopers!


We wanted the ER portion to convey the rush and hustle of the ER, but we had to photograph when they were not busy.  We orchestrated it, so we had a swirl of activity around the featured doc, which I think illustrates the concept well.  For the construction site, we put one of the docs in a scissor lift, and used lighting to spotlight them in their cavernous new space.


Going forward, if anyone wants me to photograph any of these things, please let me know!  I still think the BCFD needs a calendar shoot!