International Day of Awesomeness- is this your kind of holiday?

I’m all about having more to celebrate- more holidays, more fun, you get the picture.  So when I found out that March 10th is the International Day of Awesomeness, well, I just couldn’t pass it up!

So, what epitomizes awesomeness?  I think it’s different for everyone.  To me, going above and beyond what’s expected, being there to help, being really creative, or just coming up with a really good idea or something completely new is pretty awesome. I’m especially in awe of people who can invent, who can create things out of nothing.

So, go on being your usual awesome self!  Don’t hide your light, let it shine!  Have a great idea, today’s the day to let people know, instead of keeping it to yourself.  If you see a random act of awesomeness, let that person know you think they’re awesome.  Yes, it’s a fun holiday, (which coincidentally falls on Chuck Norris’ birthday), but that’s no reason not to be awesome, or to let others know you think they’re awesome too.

  1. Personal Awesomeness says:


    Totally my kind of holiday, and I’m feeling awesome about it!

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