Baltimore Editorial And Commercial Photography


As an editorial and commercial photographer, Tracey enjoys working with people, both on location or in the studio.  Tracey really tries to capture what makes each person unique in her photography.  Whether it’s donning a hard hat in an industrial setting, or scrubs for an OR, her goal is to highlight each subject and show them in a flattering and believable way.  Her attention to detail, ability to work in all types of situations, and flexibility are why Tracey’s clients hire her again and again.


“Sometimes I feel like I don’t have a job.  It’s more like I get invited into other people’s worlds, where I get to photograph what they do.  It’s a real blast going into a cherry picker for an industrial shoot on a Monday, getting to photograph a top surgeon that Wednesday, and documenting a moving success story on Friday.  I love what I do, and I hope that comes through in the images I create.”