The Weekly Roundup- A house that inspires me

Sometimes my shoots really inspire me.  Often, it’s a person who is overcoming obstacles, or really accomplishing something.  This time, it was a house and its lovely owner.

I was shooting for architect David Gleason at a house he recently remodeled.  The owner was an amazing woman who was also an interior designer.  She also does decorative painting on furniture and has an Etsy site at Meredith Scott

The home was incredible, but what amazed me is her approach to decorating.  So many people equate dollars spent to a beautiful house.  When I asked her where she found some of the fabulous things around her home, she replied, “Honestly, I mostly find things at Goodwill”  So, as you look at the images, think about the beat up old chairs, tables, you name it that you may have seen at a yard sale, and see what she’s made these items into.

  1. Lani says:


    Tracey, that dining room table is gorgeous. Do you know where she got it?

    1. papercameraphotography says:


      She is an artist, so she paints furniture. She does custom work and also sells stuff she’d done on Etsy. I see tables of that shape in second hand stores a lot. She finds stuff like that and paints them to look like that. My guess is that the table is a Jacobean style from the 20’s. I see them fairly often in some secondhand furniture stores and on Craigslist. This is probably something like what the table looked like before she painted it.