Event photography at Gaylord National by Tracey Brown

Baltimore Corporate Event Photographer


Tracey got her start as a corporate event photographer.  She enjoys the energy of events, and looks for what makes each event unique and compelling.  Tracey likes capturing the fun and excitement of the event, and documenting the moments that make it special.  She wants the event to feel as fun and special to her as it does to you, and have that come through in the photos.  She especially seeks out interesting scenes and lighting, creating the story of an event.  Tracey specializes in corporate events and conferences and has photographed numerous dinners, galas, fundraisers, conferences, receptions, and meetings.


Clients have relied on Tracey for years as their Baltimore corporate event photographer.  Tracey gets the images clients need, but goes beyond to create images that set a mood, reflect the beauty and nature of the event.  Tracey also created a pool of talented artists for larger events that need more than one photographer.


“I started out as a Baltimore corporate event photographer.  I always look for the happenings and moments at each event that make them unique, and photograph them in a beautiful, well lit manner.  It might be a lively Q&A session at a conference, great conversations at a reception, or fun times at a gala.  My goal is to create a series of images that make people who didn’t attend wish they did.”